Met Gala Beauty Analysis: The Best and the Not-So-Good

There's always a next time Amy.
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There's always a next time Amy.
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The Met Gala is all about the dresses, but as we know, fashion and beauty go hand in hand. There were some spectacular looks and some, um, interesting ones. We’ll break it all down for you here.

Some trends emerged, and we can say this: if you’re still wearing boring lip gloss everyday, now’s the time to run out and get some bold lipstick. Nude, dewy faces were also popular, so you have options for those days when you can’t bear a red lip.

Click through for the best and, we’ll just say “questionable” looks from last night’s Met Gala.

Best Redheads:

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Only Rihanna could have possibly pulled off this long Heidi-braid-on-steroids, but it worked, as did the matte plum mouth. And Blake’s strawberry blonde looks absolutely stunning here. (She went a bit heavy on the bronzer, though. Note the color difference between face and arms.)

Trend Alert: 

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Maybe it’s not original, but it sure was popular last night--and pretty. Soft “old Hollywood” waves--preferably tossed over one shoulder--with a bold lip was the choice of many ladies last night. Nicole, Madge, Diane, and Freida all went for it.

Best Bobs:

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Anna killed it in that Chanel gown last night, and her daughter Bee is working the family bob in her own younger, elegant way.

Best Matchy-Matchy Makeup:

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How great did Ginnifer look in her green dress with matching eye shadow? On paper this look sounds hideous, but with her coloring it looks flawless. (It also helps that she kept the lip nude.)

Best Model Look of the Night: 

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Crystal Renn. Just look at her, for heaven’s sake.

Best Sassy Attitude:

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Emma Stone nails it with her messy updo, fuchsia lip, perfect paleness, and obvious confidence.

WTF Hair:

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This one is a three way tie between Renee Zellweger, Jessica Szhor, and (as much as it pains us), Amy Poehler. Renee had that big random chunk in the middle of her forehead and Jessica’s bangs got the Edward Scissorhands treatment. And poor Amy. In a style better suited to a Daphne Guinness, the combination of that hair and the eye shadow out to her temples did her no justice.