Serious Question: Will We Ever Get Sick of Skinny Jeans?

Are skinny jeans on their way out?
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Are skinny jeans on their way out?
This happened two years ago, we're still wearing skinny jeans?

This happened two years ago, we're still wearing skinny jeans?

My first pair of wide-leg jeans was purchased from T.J. Maxx in 7th grade. This was the mid-90s in suburban Pittsburgh, which means most of my peers held onto their French-rolled stonewashed Levi's for a few more years. At some point—maybe when I was 16 or 17—it became not okay to wear tapered jeans. It became gross, gauche, and most of all, uncool.

When I moved to London in 2004, Americans were still attached to the flares they had adopted a decade earlier. London, however, had moved on: I, too, was ready to try something narrower again. When I moved to New York at the end of 2005, I was wearing only "skinny jeans." A year later, so were all of my friends.

That was nearly 10 years ago, and skinny jeans continue to rule. In fact, they've gotten skinnier. So skinny that there is a thing called jeggings. Many jeggings styles are so tight and awkward-looking that Conan O'Brien created somewhat of an internet meme by wearing a pair on his show.

Conan's stunt happened almost exactly two years ago, decades in internet-humor time. Which has me wondering—insert Sex and the City-style imaginary thought bubble here—are we reaching the end of the skinny jeans cycle?

Last month I bought two pairs of Acne "Needle" jeans. They are described as high rise and skinny. While they are certainly high rise—which is great for me because I have a flat rear and therefore have trouble getting low-rise jeans to stay put—they are by no means skinny. In fact, they are decidedly straight leg, which is something I'm actually excited about. They look a little more balanced, a little more grown-up. When my friend Jill, who typically wears super-skinny, Trash and Vaudeville-style jeans, asked whether or not I liked the Needle, I explained that yes I did, but I didn't think she would because they weren't very narrow. "Actually, I'm much more into straight leg jeans lately," was her surprising response.

For me, Jill is personal proof that skinny-skinny jeans might've peaked. What do you think? Are skinny jeans on their way out? Or are they just too easy to give up?