We Get Up Close and Personal With Isabel Marant for H&M

You only have a few more days to make your shopping lists.
Alyssa Vingan Klein
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You only have a few more days to make your shopping lists.
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There are only six days left until the highly anticipated Isabel Marant collection for H&M hits stores and the Web. To hold you over for the final stretch, we thought we'd give you one more reason to get psyched about the collaboration.

We stopped by the H&M showroom the other day to preview the line, and we were pretty floored by the quality of the pieces. The linen tees and sweatshirts that the French designer is famous for are well represented in the collection, and not only are they super soft to the touch, they're just sheer enough. The cocoon coats are also on the top of our list, and their cool silhouettes are matched by how cozy and warm they are -- we're betting you'll be able to get plenty of milage out of them for winters to come.

Click through to see a close up look at some of our favorite items, and don't forget to set your alarms for 8:00 a.m. on Thursday.

Photos: Sophia Li

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Top, $99.

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Heels, $199.

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Pants, $199.

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Dress, $129.

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Embellished jacket, $399.

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Skirt, $99.

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Wool cardigan, $129.

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Pants, $99.