Downton Abbey Fashion Recap: Depressed Fashion

It was relatively quiet on Downton Abbey this week, and frankly everyone's clothes reflected the mood.
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It was relatively quiet on Downton Abbey this week, and frankly everyone's clothes reflected the mood.
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Warning: Spoilers

It was relatively quiet on Downton Abbey this week, and frankly everyone was kind of a downer. Their clothes really reflected the mood, too. Even Rose, usually so reliably cheery, managed to make the color red look staid. However, most of it was prettier than anything I'll probably wear this week, so click through to see all the looks the denizens of Chez Grantham pulled out of their closets.

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Stylish breakfast in bed:

Lady Cora's robe here is particularly fetching. And how does that little hair ribbon manage to stay tied all night? I really wish the Downton producers would release an extra footage DVD showing the ladies' maids transforming their mistresses' hair from this version of bed head into those sculpted finger waves. I'd definitely pay $19.99 to watch that.

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Rose is red:

Granted, there were no nightclub or party scenes this episode, but Rose's wardrobe was a little sad this week. Yes, it was red, a color we haven't seen much on the show. But those droopy collars! I like Rose better when she's just a little bit tarty.

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Sage showdown:

Lady Edith and Rose continued their sage green smackdown. Actually these dresses are more olive-colored. Rose wins, only because of the floral motif on her dress.

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Lady Edith looks kind of pale:

Edith was quiet and a little bit washed out this episode. And what was with the secret visit to the London doctor? (Could there be an out-of-wedlock baby on the way? Scandal!)

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I almost forgot about the two Downton babies. Aren't they precious? If only it was still acceptable to dress little boys in sailor suits. I would totally do it to mine.

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Mary's purple reign:

Lady Mary's purple theme was a bit of a surprise this week. Instead of her usual dark and serious palette, she went for lilac and royal purple. Did she overshoot a little maybe?

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Mrs. Patmore's apron drama:

In what was possibly the most dramatic scene of the episode (yes, this one wasn't the most gripping, let's be honest), Mrs. Patmore snagged her apron on a nail right before Lady Cora was due to come downstairs for a visit! So she allowed Mrs. Baxter to use that godforsaken new-fangled sewing machine to fix it. ("Well, I wouldn't mind getting rid of my corset," she later said to Lady Cora, grudgingly admitting that some progress might not actually be that bad.)

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Blousy black:

Ladies Mary and Cora both pulled out their baggiest dark outfits for this episode. I don't hate them, and I'm kind of jealous how comfy and muu muu-like they look.

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Hats, hats, hats:

Let's just take a moment to appreciate all the hats, shall we?

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Mr. Napier:

How many secret admirers does Lady Mary have? Mr. Napier's been on the show in past seasons, but this is the first time I'm seeing a young Hugh Grant. Think about it, Mary.