This Is What a Chanel-Approved Messy Bun Looks Like

Karl Lagerfeld just deemed your high school hair go-to worthy of his runway.
By Stephanie Saltzman ,

Abby Champion and Kiki Willems backstage at Chanel's Fall 2018 show. Photo: @sammcknight1/Instagram

As fashion month nears a close in Paris, one thing has become clear from the Fall 2018 runways: The hairstyles of yesteryear you probably thought you'd never wear again are back. There were '60s Jackie O. coifs at Moschino; early-aughts comb headbands at Prabal Gurung; and of course, Alexander Wang's much-debated '90s banana/claw clips. And now we can add to that list the messy bun, aka your (my) high school hair staple — probably along with aforementioned comb headbands and banana clips — which just appeared on none other than the Chanel Fall 2018 runway.

What does a Karl Lagerfeld-approved iteration of the messy bun look like? Well, of course it's a bit more elegant than the version you wore back in the day (or perhaps this morning to your SoulCycle class). There's lots of volume at the crown, with strands emerging at the base for a diffused effect. But honestly, it's unkempt. And it's meant to be. "The easiest of up do’s [sic] @chanelofficial as if the girls have done it themselves," wrote hairstylist Sam McKnight, the mastermind of the look, in an Instagram caption describing it.

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And then of course, because this is Chanel, accessories were key. To elevate the messy updos from early 2000s tween to Lagerfeldian woodland fantasy, McKnight adorned each of the models' styles with hair jewelry, including brooches with glint-y interlocking "C"s, classic Chanel floral accents and, of course, pearls.

A closeup of the hair accessories from Chanel's Fall 2018 show. Photo: @hairbysammcknight/Instagram

To get the look, McKnight relied on a selection of products from his own product range — specifically Modern Hairspray and Easy Up-Do — and then got to work teasing. As McKnight is wont to do to help a beauty editor out (thanks, bud!), he also posted footage of how the look came together on Instagram:

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In keeping with the undone hairstyle for the show, makeup artist Tom Pecheux followed suit, creating a minimalist, barely there look that included groomed brows, vaguely luminous skin and rose-flushed lips. Pretty, yes, but it couldn't help but take a backseat to the delightfully messy hair.

Kaia Gerber and Binx Walton backtage at Chanel's Fall 2018 show. Photo: @hairbysammcknight/Instagram

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