The Clear Glasses That Make Dhani Feel Cool and Smart

Plus, they fit my very small face.
By Dhani Mau ,

Warby Parker Coley frames in crystal, $95, available at Warby Parker.

I began needing vision correction around the seventh grade, and I always hated wearing my glasses; I would take them out only during class when I needed to see something written on the whiteboard. Eventually, my vision worsened and I started driving, so I needed all-day help, and I got contacts. Even as geek-chic frames became cool, I didn't feel like I could pull them off, and only wore my glasses before bed and when I woke up. But this new pair might get me to take them out in public every now and then.

They're narrow and clear, which somehow allows them to make a modern statement while still feeling understated, like a piece of Danish furniture. The narrowness is also key as I have a small head and face that most frames overwhelm.

Glasses shouldn't have any correlation with intelligence, but I also feel like they make me look smarter. And, somehow, cooler — not that those things are ever mutually exclusive.

Warby Parker Coley frames in crystal, $95, available at Warby Parker.

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