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Shop Girl: Deena Abdulaziz of DNA

We weren't supposed to go out on Saturday night. Fashion Week was over, the starlets had gone back to their stables, the models were shipped off to L

We weren't supposed to go out on Saturday night. Fashion Week was over, the starlets had gone back to their stables, the models were shipped off to London, and we were too tired to stand. So when our phone started ringin at 9 am that morning, we were pretty displeased. "Uh, hello? It's 9 am." That was us. "Oh hiii..." that was the voice on the other end, the one that we tuned out until we heard a few buzz words that were a little too good: "... Saudi Arabian Princess... custom Louboutins... exclusive boutique... candy... boys..." and then we tried to wake up. Here's what was happening: Amanda Miller, the Manhattan publicist with a hot pink apartment, was hosting a party for Deena Abdulaziz that night. Deena is a Saudi Arabian princess (and mother of three!) who owns the DNA boutique in Riyadh, where she works with Western designers to customize their clothes for Muslim women. There would also be candy and boys. Naturally, we dragged outselves out of bed and searched for a dress that would match a hot pink apartment. And when we got there, we were blinded by Deena's beauty and dazzling obsession with clothes. Here's what she told us...

Us: Deena, we've heard so much about you! Deena: Thanks! I love the name Fashionista - I love fashion blogs. The first one I ever read was Diane, a Shaded View of Fashion. They're so fun. Us: And you can read them anywhere, even in Saudi Arabia. Deena: So true. Us: So tell us about your store... Deena: Have you ever been to Riyadh? Us: No, is it like Dubai? Is that a totally ignorant question? Deena: It's okay. Dubai is like Las Vegas and Riyadh is like Washington DC. There are very powerful organizations there, heads of State, powerful families, and the environment is very conservative, so the clothing needs to reflect that - but that doesn't mean it shouldn't still be beautiful and stylish. Us: We heard you worked with Diane Von Furstenberg... Deena: To get longer wrap dresses made for Saudi women, yes. Diane adjusted some of her dresses so they would be floor-length, so Saudis could wear them. They're gorgeous. Us: Did you call up Diane? Deena: I was introduced to her by Christian Louboutin! Us: What?! Deena: Well Christian is a personal friend! His shoes are my favorites; he even named a shoe after me - the Deena. Us: Are you kidding? Do you have it framed on your wall? Deena: No, but it is something I will be able to tell my grandchildren about! It's incredible. Us: How many Louboutins do you have? Deena: Oh, don't ask me that. I have very many but they get scattered - see, my sister is wearing a pair of mine. Us: And is that dress from your store? Deena: No... I don't know where it's from... Fashionista went to investigate - the dress came from H&M.

The Deena Shoe, by Christian Louboutin.

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