Attack of the Vanity Sizes - Are You Really An Eight?

Braving the sauna that is New York in July, inter

Braving the sauna that is New York in July, interns Natalie and Sabrina ventured into Soho, exploring something just as undeniable as the city’s heat: The fashion world’s sizing differences. We hit every store on the spectrum, from mass-market retailers (Old Navy, H&M) to high fashion boutiques (Prada, Barneys Co-op). As followers of the Teen Vogue code mixing high and low, we’re used to H&M's size zero skirts in our closets rubbing fabrics with the Miu Miu size sixes. Still, we find the concept of crazy sizing as confusing as the concept of open-toed high-heeled booties. While common girl knowledge dictates that our favorite pairs of jeans will inevitably run the gamut of sizes, we have to admit we often expect simple items like dresses and shorts to be a little more constant. Affordable retail chains certainly have a much broader customer base to consider when fitting their clothes, but that doesn’t mean Sabrina didn’t laugh when 5