In Europe, Ashley Is Skull-Spotting

Here in America, skulls might be reviving themsel

Here in America, skulls might be reviving themselves from a trend backlash, but in Europe, they're still everywhere. We see them on sneakers and sweatshirts, jewelry and handbags, and even evening gowns. Leaving the CK Collection show in Milan’s Fashion Week, we spotted Polly Fei, model and muse to

Pierre et Gilles

, wearing the pink and black McQueen skull scarf on her shaven head. Look for this look in an upcoming music video... Meanwhile, this week in Berlin, a vintage grey Oldsmobile 442 with a skull painted on the hood was used to separate the VIP areas of various parties from the average party goers. We suspect the stunt was promoting Tarantino’s new movie Death Proof, but maybe it sent a more subtle message to the crowds- If you can't get into a fashion party, maybe you're just as good as dead? --ASHLEY DAVIDSON