In Fashion, The End of Seasons?

It’s the season that’s traditionally designated f

It’s the season that’s traditionally designated for Pucci caftans by day and tan-showcasing minidresses by night. Yet this summer, we’ve seen hordes of girls dressed in tights, darks, and heavy fabrics, bearing the more somber mood of fall/winter than spring/summer. Certainly global weather over the past few years has been even less predictable than Courtney Love’s next breakdown. So is it inevitable that as the boundaries between weather’s seasons fade, fashion’s seasons will dilute as well? Vogue’s Sally Singer thinks so, noting that the Fall's strongest collections were, in effect, seasonless. But do you shop for July sweaters and November tank tops? And if so, what does this mean for the future of the rigid Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter designations? --NATALIE MATTHEWS