Louis Vuitton Has Balls

Our award for the most French accessory of the su

Our award for the most French accessory of the summer goes to this new set of Pétanque balls from Louis Vuitton. Pétanque is the game of tossing small balls so they land near another small ball on the ground. It's possibly the most beloved and traditional French summertime sport. As we play it in Paris, we realize it makes Ultimate Frisbee seem so….declassé! These leather-clad balls are resplendent with LV monograms and come in their own luxe carrying case. We think they’re a perfect hostess present for your most Marie Antoinette-esque friend, when you visit her chateau in Marseille. They're also the perfect thing to hurl at a naughty boyfriend - perhaps the one in Monday's post, who surprised his girlfriend with a fake Louis bag? --ALISON COOL