Questions from Paris: Are Designer Key Chains Okay?

We’ve just arrived in Paris, and naturally our th

We’ve just arrived in Paris, and naturally our thoughts have turned immediately to Chloé... and baguettes and wine, fine, but mostly Chloé. While visions of Paddington bags dance in our head, we must face the harsh reality of the miserable exchange rate and the potential economic devastation of $2,000 purses. More in our price range: key chains. For F/W Chloé has an amazing gold camera charm keychain, which costs about $400. As we gazed upon the mesmerizing cuteness, we wondered: Is it worth paying almost the cost of your rent for a tiny ring for your apartment keys? We’ve talked about designer sunglasses before, but the high-end key chain might just be the most obvious example of how much people will pay to participate in the magical allure of a designer logo. But at least this Chloé “pouch