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Guys' Fashion Keeps Catching Up

Sometimes, we feel bad for the way guys have to s

Sometimes, we feel bad for the way guys have to shop. If it weren’t for a few little things – like how men make a dollar to our 75 cents, hold 99% of all the highest paying jobs in the world, and can walk home alone at night, we would feel so bad for the boys. And now that menswear is getting so much cooler, they don't even get sympathy in the shopping department. It's because London-based designer Siv Stoldal created a whole collection of solid staples that are pretty much guaranteed to make any guy look good. He was born in Norway and trained at Central St. Martin's, which might explain why some of his rumpled necklines and sleeves look awfully Stella McCartney. We especially love the blue windbreaker re-imagined as a blazer, and the super snuggly tan and blue ski sweater, both from Stoldal’s A/W 07 collection. It's really not fair, is it? --ALISON COOL

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