Miu Miu and Marc Will Never Break Your Heart

Our personal favorite article headline of the day

Our personal favorite article headline of the day, "Handbagged: How we've all been brainwashed into buying bags we can't afford," comes from the Daily Mail.

While the general argument - handbags are getting more expensive, celebrities are photographed with purses they didn't even pay for, and us commoners end up spending more than our monthly rent on an expensive bag to house our empty wallet - is kind of obvious, there was one particular point that really resonated with us. We think of it as the "emotional bag buy." Here's what happened to the writer: "Four years ago, I picked up and rather fell in love with a Marc Jacobs bag. I was deeply unhappy at the time, but somehow bought into the myth that striking up a relationship with Mr Jacobs would ease my pained heart. Much to my shame, I fell in love with another bag from "Miu Miu" on the same day and, in the delirious state of newfound infatuation, I decided to buy both. I am not proud to report that the Marc Jacobs set me back no less than £600, and the Miu Miu £400. Wallowing in my own disgrace, I took the bags home and have never used either. [...] So now it and the Miu Miu bag hang on my wall - testaments to the madness that can grip women when they see an "It bag" for sale." Personally, we've never been so devastated as to buy a Miu Miu and Marc bag on the same day, but we can connect most of our bigger purchases to various unfortunate events - breakups, school or job disappointments, fights with friends, etc. Are we alone in this? --ALISON COOL

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