Bangs Are Like Puppies?

The U.K. Daily Mail continues to obsess over their

The U.K. Daily Mail continues to obsess over their tortured relationship with bangs. Ever since Kate Moss got out the scissors, British women have been indulging in an ongoing, irresolvable debate: bangs or no bangs? What looks better? We love this apt comparison where bangs (or as they call it, a “fringe”) are portrayed as “like irritating small dogs. They seem like a good idea at the time, but you sometimes wish you didn't have one.” “You can't do much with it, it requires constant attention, and you're forever having to play with it. “ Meanwhile, stars with stylists but maybe not style have started infringing on fringe territory. Penelope Cruz and Maggie Gyllenhaal recently jumped on the bang bandwagon, all because Kate’s bangs have gotten more publicity than her cocaine scandal. Do you obsess over bangs too? Do you wish you could go for it, but fear and horror hold you back? Or did you go down the thick bangs path and instantly regret it? --ALISON COOL