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Cruella Prevails?

We're not comfortable wearing fur, or even faux

We're not comfortable wearing fur, or even faux fur, but we also really dislike (perhaps even despise) the immature and ultimately ineffective tactics at Peta. After realizing that dumping red paint on people is both grounds for a lawsuit and a violation of their own supposed belief that all living things (including people) deserve respect, they've moved onto a new tactic: Dressing up their members like slutty, tacky PETA “cops." An interview with Ingrid Newkirk – PETA’s president and co-founder in today’s New York Observer explains the rationale behind their thongs. “You may feel more comfortable just arguing things intellectually. But that isn’t the way society is now; it’s all Paris Hilton and Britney Spears and ‘Show us your tits,’” Ms. Newkirk said.” Newkirk also points out that young and emerging designers hardly ever use fur. She blames the persistence of fur on older designers stuck in their ways and shock-tactic aficionados: “I think the old fogy designers like Karl Lagerfeld and so on, and the desperate designers like Alexander McQueen who want to be bad boys—Jean Paul Gaultier—they really want to be like, ‘Look at me, look at me! Aren’t I just shameless?’ Weirdly, we think what's really shameless is exploiting your female members for their boobs intead of their brains, which could certainly be used to passionately but respectfully explain why using fur is wrong. Meanwhile, it seems like PETA's on the losing end of the industry, again: Today, Oscar de la Renta announced a new licensing deal to produce a line of fur coats for his Fall and Winter collections. --ALISON COOL

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