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Streetwalker: Am I Blue?

Mackenzie, all vintage, all the time.

Mackenzie, student Got Her: Heading into the subway on the corner of Lafayette and Houston. Stalked Her: Because she's the reason we finally looked away from Heath Ledger on the corner. Lately, we dream about being blonde, but we know we still wouldn't look like Mackenzie. Shot Her: Because we think her outfit's perfect, from the earrings to the patent yellow belt to the electric blue tights. And even though she was in a rush, she squealed, "I love fashionista!" She Says: "I really like to collect hardware jewelry. I had saws for awhile, but now I love spoons...The collar's vintage. I stole it from my sister actually, who found it in a fur warehouse, and I just pinned it on." We Say: Color me mine... --BRITT ABOUTALEB

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