What's Your Fashion Deal Breaker?

Uggs? Skinny jeans? What's the one fashion meltdown that keeps you from a second date.

A friend of mine recently went on an amazing first date, but the conversation quickly turned deadly, when the topic of deal breakers* emerged. *Dealbreaker - says Urban Dictionary - is "the catch" that you can't get over, that ultimately dooms your relationship, friendship, or potential fashion trend. His deal breaker was all-over print hoodies. Her deal breaker was t-shirts about sex. Then dodging purple-hooded, pre-fab, ripped-denim, NYCuties (*girls who live in dorms and solely for US Weekly), I saw my Dealbreaker Galore - UGGs, short for UGGly, and I realized that I could never live with myself if I ever let a woman that I loved own a pair of UGGs. I thought it might be great to open the Fashionista floor to see what Fashion Dealbreakers lurk in the hearts and minds of us all. --JOSH MADDEN, the Andre to our Anna...

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