But Is It Art?

Art Basel Miami Beach starts today, which means ar

Art Basel Miami Beach starts today, which means artists, dealers, and wealthy collectors are gearing up for a few days of frenzied buying, selling, and liquored-up party-hopping. Inclusion in the event is a huge marker of one’s rank in the art world and this year, everyone is buzzing about a new photography exhibit. Why? Because it's not the usual snaps of naked, long-haired hipster girls in the forest. Instead, it features fashion photography straight from the pages of our favorite magazines. The exhibit – “In Fashion ‘07” – includes 200 photos taken by 20 leading fashion photographers including Miles Aldridge, Christiane Draffehn, Matthew Brookes, and Kanjo Take -- and is up through Sunday at Miami’s Doubletree Surfcomber Hotel. The show is seen as a political statement about the status of commercial fashion photographers as artists. The curator, Marion de Beaupre, ask us to think of it , “as an art form created under restrictions.” Do you see fashion photographers as artists? Do they provoke viewers with arresting and provocative images, or is it too commercial to pass as art? --ALISON COOL