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We’re willing to admit that we spend a long time g

We’re willing to admit that we spend a long time getting dressed every morning, even if we're just on our way to the store. We try on multiple tops, change our shoes a few times, and decide to wear a dress instead before we finally put on our coat and walk out the door. You’d think with all the time and effort we devote to picking out our outfit, we’d be pretty attentive to details. In general, we do OK, but there is one major and recurring issue: Socks. For us, socks fall into the category of “things that shouldn't cost a lot.” Which means that 90% of our socks were purchased by our mom and given to us in holidays past. They’re cute, but many times underneath our carefully-chosen jeans and ankle boots we’re wearing mismatched novelty pairs – like one black sushi-patterned sock and one pink sock dotted with cheerful cocktails. This makes us feel stupid. That’s why we’re so excited about the creation of purposefully mismatched socks (but that kind of perfectly match.) They’re cute and knowing, and they even come in different sizes. And at $16, we won’t sit around thinking about all the other clothes we could have bought if we just waited for our mom to buy us reindeer booties. --ALISON COOL

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