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The Times Is Team Heather

The New York Times has a piece today on Heather K

The New York Times has a piece today on Heather Kuzmich, the Top Model contestant who just got booted. Most of it is stuff you already know: Heather has Asperger's Syndrome, she often can't look people in the eye, she still looks ridiculously good on camera. It's also no surprise that Heather wants to be the new spokeswoman for Asperger's, as she tells The Times. But we did like it when Heather admitted "I'm used to people ignoring me," something that's going to be very hard now that she's a reality TV star - at least for the rest of the year, until a new ANTM cycle starts going. We do wonder what will happen to Heather now that she's had this unusual experience, but we also wonder about the reporter's musings that "the addition of Heather Kuzmich to an otherwise superficial show has given millions of viewers an unusual and compelling glimpse into the little-understood world of Asperger’s." Really? Because we thought Tyra played it like any other plot angle - you could be the girl from the projects, or the one who had an eating disorder or an abusive boyfriend, or you could have a neurological condition - it all seems to get the same editing treatment of Tyra turning her little ducklings into wannabe swans.

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