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How to Get on Getty

With Fashion Week starting pretty much today, we're finally thinking about what to wear in order to look good without wanting to die while we run arou
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With Fashion Week starting pretty much today, we're finally thinking about what to wear in order to look good without wanting to die while we run around town for 10+ hours at a time. But we also know that for a lot of other people, Fashion Week is about one thing in particular: Pictures. You see it at shows/parties all the time - people posing awkwardly, trying to catch photographers' attention in the hopes of ending up on Some people even make a career out of it (you know who you are). So we had a little chat with Scott Gries, veteran photographer for Getty Images, on how to maximize your chances of ending up on WireImage (because we all know that once you're on that site, there's really no going back.) Just in case our readers are planning on hitting up some events dressed to the nines with a friend meant to act as a "publicist". Or, you know, if you're "just wondering"...

So Scott, what's your advice for people hoping to get their picture snapped at an event? 1. Wear a noticeable outfit - I always go for people who are dressed fashionably. But on top of that, bright colors will get you noticed. Unless you're Paris Hilton, don't show up in all black - it just doesn't make for a good photo, so it would definitely lessen your chances. [Editor's Note: In case you're wondering whether a photographer from Getty actually knows what's in style or not, it seems that at least Scott kind of does. He called out Natalie's purple top as "last season" - it's actually not, but we guess purple was a big color last year, so an admirable attempt regardless.] 2. Stand next to someone famous. 3. Have a famous last name. 4. Look like someone famous (see the Paris Hilton doppelgänger of 2005). 5. Pose - a good one is to stand up straight with one foot sort of crossed in front of the other. This accentuates the curves of a woman's body. Keeping your hands on your hips and kind of sticking your chest and butt out also helps. [Editor's Note: Ugh.] 6. Know the right angles - always keep your chin tilted down a bit, otherwise the picture comes out weird. Also, you really don't want a shot up anybody's nose. 7. If you're a man - stand next to a pretty/well-dressed girl. 8. Go to the B-list parties - you're more likely to have your picture taken if the photographers are desperate to get good stuff from a weak event. 9. Just go right ahead and court a photographer - this doesn't always work though. Some people will claim to be an actress, and will even have a friend post as their publicist - with certain photographers this will actually work. 10. The best advice I could give is to cause a frenzy. Once somebody takes your picture, everybody else wonders who you are and if they should be doing the same. Get one photographer and you've got them all.