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We Buy For the Covers

Today's WWD discusses the art of magazine covers,

Today's WWD discusses the art of magazine covers, what sells and what doesn't. Like, big flowing hair blows Allure off the newstands, while smiling girls weighed down by accessories sells Seventeen. Apparently everyone has their own way of determing what's a good cover - Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Kate White says that she knows a cover is good if she wants to "lick it," further noting, "The Beyoncé [December 2007] cover I licked several times...before the sun came up." For us, it's more about who is on the cover - whenever we see an Olsen (no matter which one), we have to stop and check out the interview - and we once learned during an internship that whenever Sandra Bullock is on a magazine cover, it far outsells more interesting (but less "regular") cover girls, like Sienna Miller. Does what (or who) you see on a magazine cover compel you enough to actually pay the cover price? Or do you stick to your subscriptions (or the internet!) only?

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