B for Beauty: Un-Scenty Scents

This morning's New York Times article on fragrance

This morning's New York Times article on fragrance totally read our minds - We used to be kind of addicted to serious perfume, but lately, just haven't been into it. We don't know if it's the agony of the choice, or maybe just the aversion to most of what's out there (ever since Paris Hilton came out with a fragrance, we've just never felt quite the same about it,) but recently, we've been trying to smell like...well, ourselves. But since we don't really smell like anything at all, we've become obsessed with super simple scents - one-noters that are comforting, not confrontational, like those saccharine scents put out by every other pop star. Our favorite (albeit random) perfume of recent days? Mélange Apothecary's Concrete Parfum in Miel. It's a solid scent (hence the weird name,) so throwing it in your bag isn't at all stupid, and the warm smell of honey sticks to you all day - even though you'll probably end up rubbing more and more onto your wrists while you try to think of clever things at work. The gel-like line also comes in Tuberose - a scent that is normally super expensive to produce (tons of tuberose flowers are needed to get just a drop of perfume,) but that Mélange keeps at the normal $10 price point. (The line is actually meant for blending, but we like to wear them as separates anyway.) Now if they'd just print the little pots with flowers, we'd hand them out outside of schools as part of a post-gross scents rehabilitation program for girls.

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