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Ghesquière: Scary or Brilliant?

Britt: Yesterday's Balenciaga collection scared me

Britt: Yesterday's Balenciaga collection scared me. Brett: Really? It impressed me! Britt: If a woman were to actually wear these clothes, Carine and Jennifer Connelly aside, she would look so scary, almost like a modern day warrior. The shoes practically look like weapons! Chic weapons, of course. The clothes are stunning, but more so as pieces of art, not something to actually put on your body. Brett: But don't you think the Balenciaga Runway is like a petri dish for ideas? Nicolas pushes fashion forward, and to quote one of my favorite Cathy Horyn-isms, “adjusts the eye”. Also, what is the Balenciaga customer if not an urban warrior? All those curved seams, studs - for crying out loud, the house was rebuilt on a motorcycle bag! Britt: The runway might be a platform on which to present an idea instead of necessarily wearable clothes, but shouldn't we at least aspire to wear that idea, especially if it's supposed to be Ready to Wear? Brett: Leave all the subsidiary Balenciaga lines to give women something to wear, but let the seasonal shows provide clothes for the daring and the bored! Discuss!

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