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10 Questions for The Hills...

First Episode 10. Why do they keep saying "Kelly

First Episode 10. Why do they keep saying "Kelly Cutrone" and not "People’s Revolution?" 9. Can we end a segment with something besides Don't Funk With My Heart? Please? 8. Did Crystal Meers just get a shout out on The Hills? What?! 7. Side note here: See Mike, that boy in People's Rev's L.A. office? Mike = crushworthy. Trust me, you guys are going to want to kiss that boy. Let's hope he gets a lot of camera time. 6. Did Whitney learn some PR skills at Conde Nast? Saying Vogue instead of Teen Vogue during her interview? 5. *What’s a “work aesthetic”? 4. How much attention does Stephanie need? Yikes. 3. Hey Heidi, remember that episode of Friends where Ross and Rachel have a fight about whether or not they were on break? Yeah... don't do that. 2. Does Brody look like Matthew Fox at the end of Party of Five? 1. Is Frankie America's most famous wing man? Episode Two 10. Is Donna Karan’s stepsister a teacher at FIDM? 9. Will People's Rev be good for Whitney's personal style? 8. How much did Hills producers bribe FIDM to put Lauren and Stephanie in the same class? 7. How scary / good is Stephanie at being nice ("nice")? 6. "Your voice is meaningful" ? 5. Heidi, you're painting your apartment in an Ella Moss cardigan? That's like $150! 4. "What’s the girl going to do to me?” - oh Lauren, do you really want to ask that? 3. Stephanie + Spencer = Pinky and the Brain? Or the evil bro and sister from High School Musical? 2. Raise your hand if speaking to Stephanie, ever, is a bad idea? 1. Is Lauren's life really so boring that she needs to resurrect this feud? Or does she deep down still love Heidi and want to be friends with her? And can this be figured out without the help of a therapist?

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