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10 Questions for The Hills...

10. Wow, look at all those headshots. Are they c

10. Wow, look at all those headshots. Are they casting for future People’s Rev employees? 9. “Kelly goes in and out.” Like the Wizard of Oz? 8. It's sort of funny Heidi is so stressed about Spencer being with other people. Because really, what girl in America would even talk to Spencer? 7. OMG I’m not getting married until I’m 32 either! 6. "Hey Audrina, they only want to be friends with you to get back at me!" Is Lauren really self absorbed, or just Machiavellian? 5. So Heidi moans, “I’ve never felt so betrayed” when she sees Spencer talking to a girl at a nightclub. But that's worse than when Lauren said she couldn’t be friends with Heidi because of her boyfriend? Really? 4. Whitley Kroes models = Cory Kennedy with better lipstick? 3. "Who takes a vacation from a relationship?” 2. Did Kelly just call Whitney a “bitch in training!?!” Aaah can we steal that? 1. Logistical question: If Lauren works for People's Revolution, then why is Bluprint PR (a different LA firm) doing the press for her clothing line?

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