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Exclusive: SJP Talks About Sex...

Last Friday, we had the privilege of attending a

Last Friday, we had the privilege of attending a TimesTalk with Sarah Jessica Parker and television reporter William J. Carter. The talk coincided with the beginning of SJP's press junket for the film, as well as Ginia Bellafante's article on the upcoming movie for The Times itself. Sarah Jessica was dressed like an Olsen - black Rick Owens t-shirt, black Bitten cropped jeans, motorcycle booties with wooden heels, the best blonde highlights we have ever seen in our lives. She was really funny and really cool, and after the talk was over, she shook our hand ("Hi, I'm Sarah Jessica, so lovely to meet you,") and when we told her Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was a formative part of our childhood, she laughed hysterically. It was pretty awesome, and although we still don't love the concept of Bitten, it's pretty settled that we do love Sarah Jessica Parker, because she actually was that smart and that funny, and that comfortable in too-high heels. Here's what had to say about the upcoming Sex and the City flick: On Her Wardrobe: “After our first screening, one reporter told me I was exposing more skin than I had in the past, with my costumes, but that's not true. In fact, that would be suicidal on my part at this age – it’s just because the movie screen is so big, that it looks like there’s more of me!” On The Movie Trailer: "We're not giving anything away! Who knows what part of that is a dream sequence and what order of events they put that trailer in!” On SATC Fashion Trends: “Around the 2nd season I saw nameplate necklaces. I was growing up in the city during that time when girls wore nameplate necklaces, and this generation of girls were not of that generation!” On Putting Her Name to Clothes: "I can’t sketch; I can’t do anything that should be required to have a clothing line. I have so many friends that are actual designers who wouldn’t get funding to do real collections, so I always declined offers to design a range for myself. Bitten is different, it's like, jeans.” On Using a Stylist: “Before I met Patricia, I thought everything had to match! When Patricia started dressing me, I would ask her, don’t these colors clash? And she would say, yes, great, anything to offend the eye! It was great!... I do use a stylist and not infrequently. I cannot go and do all that wardrobe work. But I am not a Paper Doll, I will tell you that.” On Shoes: "I do like shoes; they are special. But do I like shoes as much as Carrie? Oh, no, no, no! We're not even in the same league." And hopefully, that will tide you over until the actual film.

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