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At the Tom Ford Party, The Sky Is Falling

This just in from Milan: According to a hospitaliz

This just in from Milan: According to a hospitalized eye-witness at the Tom Ford party in Italy, one of the spotlights came crashing down at the bash, landing square on the head of a former male model. He was shipped to l'ospedale, informed he needed stitches, and given some really good painkillers. Meanwhile, according to the boy with the split skull, Tom's "people" phoned him the next morning to ask how he was doing, saying Tom wanted to know. If it were us, we would have responded, "Well, we'd be feeling a lot better if we could star in your next ad campaign," but you know, that could just be our massive headache talking. We send a big Get Well Soon to the wounded party, and also to the PR team in charge of the fête.

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