Dylan's + Sephora

Today's WWD reports a bite-size partnership betwee

Today's WWD reports a bite-size partnership between Sephora and Dylan's Candy Bar. They're putting out a line of bath and body products for this holiday season, all inspired by desserts. Picture stuff like Strawberry Licorice lip balm and Birthday Cake Batter lotion. Even though we've never been fans of the gourmand trend for beauty (not even Laura Mercier's Cr√®me Br√ªlée could convince that we want to smell like food), we know this will be a big hit for teenage girls. But what will happen to Philosophy's adorable Gingerbread Man scrubs and Peppermint Cheesecake shower gels, so popular during those last few weeks of December (and really, what almost everybody knows the brand for), especially at Sephora? Could be some tension on those shelves.

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