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Vogue UK's headline might be, "Pugh's Moët Moment

Vogue UK's headline might be, "Pugh's Moët Moment," but look closely and the tab read's "Britain's Enfant Terrible to Design..." They must still be hurt by his skipping out on London to show at Paris Fashion Week, but at least he hasn't abandoned his home entirely. In fact, the interiors of the Moët & Chandon VIP room, which offers "a haven of peace," (read free flowing champagne) for the exhausted fashion pack in between the London shows, will be a preview of the Spring/Summer '09 collection Pugh will show two weeks later across the channel. Which kind of means he shows in London first? "It will most definitely be looking forward - very modern and sharp with clean lines and a tinge of the darkness that seems to permeate my fashion shows," he says. We can't wait to see what goes on in the sure to be dark and spooky room. Luckily, our camera's flash is quite strong.