Too Skinny in Berlin?

There's an industry joke that it's always Fashion

There's an industry joke that it's always Fashion Week somewhere, and last week was Berlin's turn. The German city known for its emerging art scene (and apparently its emerging cover of American Vogue starring Keira Knightley) played host to over 20 runways, including Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood, Boss by Hugo Boss, Joop, and Kai Kühne. Some of the clothes looked amazing, but German press aren't giving the same praise to the girls: German newspapers are claiming the event ignored rules put in place by the country's Health Minister, saying girls needed to be at least a size two, and over sixteen years old, to walk on runways. The Minister announced before the fashion shows that "[Germany] wants to take a stand against unhealthy body image." The situation is just a reminder that New York's runways are about a month and a half away - and though we love models as much as any casting director, we hope none of them look sick, either.