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A Meditation on Ads

I actually sat down and read GQ cover to cover this weekend. 1) Because James Franco is on the cover and you know how I feel about who's on the cover and 2) Because I actually love their editorial content. But on my way there I started noticing the ads. Something was off. For example, in the four page Gap campaign, only men are featured. I flipped from Hugh Dancy to Joseph Feinnes without an appearance from Clemence, Julia, or even Liv. It'd be one thing if Gap only put their girls in women's magazines, but we get boys and girls - so why do the boys only get boys? Oh, and the Sartorialist is definitively missing, (but so is Sean Avery). Then we have the Tod's ads. Gwyneth Paltrow is their super hyped, no doubt super expensive face of Fall 08. But while one of the men in the GQ ad version bears a slight resemblance to Chris Martin if you squint and can imagine Chris Martin draping a sweater over his shoulders, Gwyneth is most certainly not present. Though we know from the background that both she and the men are sitting on the same yacht. Thirdly, and perhaps best, is the Salvatore Ferragamo ad spread. In it, they've used the same Claudia Schiffer and the same background from the ads in women's magazines, but remember that guy who wore tights? Well, in GQ, he gets to wear a proper suit. And Claudia doesn't look pleased. But there are ballerinas in tutus running around him which adds the ballet element in a different way. So the the only woman who can sell a product to men is Claudia Schiffer? And definitely not Gwyneth Paltrow? But you can use any hot guy to sell something to women? Or maybe I should just stop memorizing magazines.

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