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DIY: Best Book Cover Ever

When we got the clear plastic cover for our September Vogue in the mail recently, we thought, "what are we going to do with this?" And then it hit us - if we were still in school, this would make the perfect book cover for a huge Geometry (or Chemistry, World History, Earth Science) text book! Step 1: Unlock the little briefcase, and slide out the mammoth Vogue. Step 2: Insert your super heavy textbook, making sure the covers are secure under the plastic flaps. Step 3: Optional - Decorate the plastic cover with stickers or clippings. We suggest Lisa Frank, or clippings from the original September Vogue, for posterity. Step 4: Be prepared for major compliments upon the first day of class, and to get all your money back when you resell your textbook to the school store. So much cooler than brown paper bag, no?

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