DIY: Super Kawaii!

Between flipping through Fashion Rocks wondering how/why Justin Timberlake got the cover and seeing Rihanna's face on every other page, I was was overcome by a "fatal attraction to cuteness." That cuteness was Siri sporting rubber toys on her head in the most fun fragrance ads since Juicy and Moschino. And the fatal part? Well, my friends (and you guys) might kill me for wearing this in public... What you'll need: - An elastic headband, 2 for $3 at H&M - Needle, Thread, Scissors - Rubber ball toys (not sure what to call these, but they were in a clearance bin at Kinko's and Party City probably has them too.) - Flair: flowers, sequins, bows, and buttons, to your heart's content - Gwen's Love. Angel. Music. Baby. album (troop of pet backup dancers optional) - A sense of humor All you need to do is sew on the balls & other flair. Not that hard. Dare you to wear it out - take pictures! --JAZZI McGILBERT

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