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Alexandre Herchcovitch Hearts Ruffles

Going into Herchcovitch's show, we expected lots of the streamlined shapes we loved so much from his previous collections. The first few outfits were what we expected to see from him - military inspired dresses, skirts, pants, blazers in neutral khaki - But then, well, we got lost. Our notes: - Does that crotch have a pouch of ruffles? - Are those ruffles all over the butt? - That huge ruffled thing over the oddly printed bloomers - is it a coat? A cape? Why so many ruffles? - I feel dizzy. (If you think it was just us, please check out the face of the guy at the end of the front row.) But all was not lost. We forgave him towards the end when his ruffles, pastels and weird shapes actually began to take the form of pretty dresses that made us wish we could buy Spring for this Fall. Looking back, the collection was really quite divided - on the one hand, interesting wearable pieces and on the other, more ruffles than a bag of Lays. Of course, we're all for runway innovation, but if not even the models can pull off a ruffled crotch, that should tell you something. -- HAYLEY PHELAN

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