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At Anna Sui, A Case of the Giggles

The first thing we saw when we got to Anna Sui, were the Save the Garment Center shirts on all the ushers. Then, the seating: The Tent was filled with mostly students claiming their seats were "double booked" whenever actual ticket holders approached them, and major editors sitting sometimes even in the seventh row, kind of laughing amongst themselves. The giggles continued even with the models, wearing a mish mash of prints and Anna's usual melting pot of ideas - we think it started with Stam, working her usual smirk, but one by one it spread to all the models, some even with their dimples in full force by the end of the runway. The only straight-faced one was Agyness, who managed to keep it serious until she took a tiny stumble in her matador hat, then just let it go. And that's pretty much how the show went.

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