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At Ben Cho, Make Clothes Not War

And now, a note from Faran...

Ben Cho's runway was a little more subdued this season - no winking pranks at the end like a knit dress complete with knitting needles and severed hands, etc. But there were two looks that I couldn't stop replaying, over and over in my head, and they were similar: Silk sheaths with a long and winding tassel, half unhinging across the shoulder or the bodice, swinging crazy and loose in the light. It was cute, and it was cool, but there was something more: I couldn't get out of my head that the tassels looked like war decorations, the kind captains use to fringe their shoulders; the kind admirals don during weddings, funerals, and Fleet Week. It was almost as if those uniforms had dissolved, leaving bits left over for a new generation that had never known war, or martial law, or organized and patriotic death. And that future pack of people picked them up off the floor and went, "Oh, these are pretty, let's put them on our clothes!" Without a care or a reference to rifles in the world. Will those kind of dresses ever really be in style? Guess we'll find out in November. Love you guys.

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