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At Trovata, Vogue to the Rescue

Before I tell you about Trovata, let me tell you about Natasha Poly. She's sitting about ten feet away at this particular Starbucks with the biggest Zac Posen shopping bag I've ever seen which means a) she's wearing Zac to the Interview party tonight or b) the dress she's wearing in his show is so insane he's making her practice walking in it. Ok, back to Trovata. The show started at 5 and they made us wait in the lobby until a whopping 5:03 after a couple Voguettes announced their place of employment punctuated by a "We're leaving if you don't let us in now." So of course we all went in and stood around the plastic covered runway, (standing by a runway is kind of unusual), to watch the nautical models prance. The girls wore patent stilettos, mostly YSL tributes, while the boys wore Keds dipped in paint - which made for pretty rainbow footsteps down the white canvas runway. The clothes begged for a yacht. There were sheer men's shirts worn as dresses, knotted rope accessories, a navy-knit bare-backed romper, almost all of it in shades of blue and white. It ended with Biz Markie's "Just a Friend" but really, we wanted to be more than just friends with the Trovata boys after seeing this collection. We wanted to be best friends so they'd give us everything. Oh, and if you were worried about those particular Voguettes having to stand, (gasp!), don't worry, a tree trunk shaped bench was pulled up just for them.

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