Cat Holstein Rocks My Socks

I may as well stop going to shows now. The only thing I want to wear next Spring is Catherine Holstein's collection, though I don't think I could manage the 6-inch Cesare Paciotti sandals that topped it off.

Her clothes, shown on the runway at Bumble & Bumble, were my idea of perfect. The show opened with blush pink dresses, shorts and tops paired with chunky brown belts and woven knit hats worn throughout. It took a slow turn toward nautical, not Trovata nautical, but the subtler nautical of faded navy and white stripes with touches of red and mustard. Then, toward the end of the show, Holstein did lace on her own terms, in an off-white, antique pattern - and very sheer.

Often times it feels like designers try to tell too many stories in one collection with piece-y results, but Holstein's felt like parts of a greater whole.

As in, I want the whole thing - and judging by the looks on front row faces, I'm not the only one.

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