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Chris Benz by the Minute

Chris Benz Spring 09 Timeline: 5:47 - We arrive at obscure, far west location way too early. 5:59 - Adorable girl pulls up, gets out of black car, is wearing yellow pants, blue jacket, we swoon. Take her picture for a streetwalker but then Scott Schuman pulls her away and his photo skills might be a bit better than ours. 6:07 - Obscure, far west location turns out to be really cool theatre. Bare looking, concrete set with painted wood, garbage pile-like thing on one side. A window. Three walls stage right. 6:13 - Little J, aka Taylor Momsen, takes her eighth row seat. Seriously. She might be so far back because she has a mullet now. 6:17 - We're told they're waiting for Anna and Proenza's just ended. (Little do they know Anna's skipped Proenza and ditto Chris to cheer on Federer at the US Open). 6:23 - We spot Rachel Hunter, woah, as the lights go down. 6:24 - Chris Benz shows signature Chris Benz. It's comfortable, it's pretty, it's innocently sexy. We wish we could take it home. He's pretty cute, too.

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