Cynthia Rowley: Mental Notes

1. Are those actual bleachers? Wow, they're wobbling... 2. Front row: Linda Fargo, Julia Stiles, Olivier Zahm - wait, Olivier Zahm? 3. Nice, mostly dresses. Graphic, clean, good for a party. 4. Austria! 5. Madeleine! 6. Just realized this is where Rodarte was last season. 7. These dresses with anatomical lines kind of remind me of Marc's Spring 08, except more graphic, and yet, less graphic. 8. No wait, really, why is Olivier Zahm at Cynthia Rowley? 9. The back straps on that final look, the Gravity-Defying dress, are genius. But a cardigan over it would make you look like you have a hump...

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