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Demarchelier at Petit Palais: A Glimpse

We spent the morning at Le Petit Palais getting back into the fashion vibe. The museum launched an exhibition of Patrick Demarchelier's work yesterday and with shows from here until next Sunday, it was our only chance to catch it. The photographer's iconic celebrity portraits and fashion editorials are scattered among the permanent collection. Madonna circa Ray of Light hangs by Monet and Cindy Crawford's next to Camille Pisarro like the Koons at Versailles. The highlight of the exhibit is a double hallway full of Demarchelier's proofs. You can see just where he elicited smiles from baby faced Kate Moss. You notice the frames in which Justin Portman surprised Natalia Vodianova and made their son break into giggles. You can tell which pictures he liked and which ones he didn't. It's probably some sort of fashion sacrilege to take pictures of Demarchelier's pictures, but we'd do anything for you.

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