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Devastee's Dungeon Prep

The Devastee show was held in a dungeony space, underneath a bridge on the Seine. The program said something about how the sun can be black if you want it to be and the show started with creepy Halloween music. We're not sure where that theme fit into the collection of striped shirts, hand-painted bathing suits, low slung pants and linen boyfriend blazers partnered with slight wedges and vintage raybans.. It's not often we want to wear everything we see on a runway, but at Devastee, with the single exception of a pair of printed leggings, we'd wear it all. We didn't see anything amazing or fashion forward, which, coming straight from Gareth Pugh, might have been asking a lot. But it's Paris and if we're in a dungeon on the Seine, we want something mind-blowing, n'est-ce pas?

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