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DVF: Bringing Down the House

The DVF show was as pretty as always, except we couldn't really enjoy the clothes after everything that happened before the show. You see, JLo showed up, and it pretty much brought down the house. Paparazzi flooded the runway to the point that front-row editors were piping up about the presence of way too many actresses in their midst, and PR girls started kicking photographers out, leading to the smarter ones usurping untaken seats in the back, so they could shoot JLo, Uma, Eva Longoria, Leighton Meester, etc with their zoom lenses in peace. In fact, there were so many celebrities front row and center, that we spied some Vogue editors sitting second and third row, and Steve Sands was literally grabbed by the shoulder and pushed to the ground by security right at Uma's feet. Also spotted: Whitney Port working backstage, and Olivia Palermo working, headset and all, on the floor, apparently as part of a Hills scene. In short, it was a total show - but you know you love it. --PHOTOGRAPHY BY REBECCA SUHRAWARDI AUSTIN

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