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Fashion? Glamorous? Only at Isaac

The Isaac Mizrahi show was at the Hammerstein Ballroom yesterday. It's an elegant venue, there was a live orchestra, Anna was front and center. It was all very glamourous, kind of like what I thought the industry would be like before I got into the industry. And then Isaac's clothes came out and they too were exactly what you think of when you think 'Fashion Show' - as in they were gorgeous, sometimes over the top, expertly tailored and almost all breathtaking. He based the show on bugs, which meant kind of creepy music and lots of texture. Coco wore a wedding dress labeled "Glindafly" on the program (which made sense because it looked like the dress Glinda wore in The Wizard of Oz, but had a weird green insect-y shine to it). And I kind of hoped that Caroline would leap across the runway in her "Green Hornet" gown. Instead, Isaac came out and skipped around the runway while everyone cheered and I was reminded, despite my exhaustion, why fashion rocks.

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