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Fashion Week Virgin at Liz McClean

So I have to admit - when it comes to Fashion Week, I'm a little green; actually, this is my first show. And while Britt and Natalie might be pros, I still have some things to learn. Fashion Week Lesson #1: It is perfectly acceptable, if not actually impressive, if the show starts just thirty minutes late. Fashion Week Lesson #2: When it's a million degrees outside and the show space, though beautiful, has floor to ceiling windows that let the sun shine through, fan yourself with your schedule/invite/whatever you can get. Fashion Week Lesson #3: Waldo, as in Where's Waldo? equals fashion show celebrity at Liz McLean - this guy knew how to get his picture taken (more on him later). Fashion Week Lesson #4: Learn to feign interest in the questionable presence of mesh tank tops, strange sheer capes and other pieces that don't even count as clothes in the real world. Fashion Week Lesson #5: Don't be surprised when designers make political statements via the runway. Guess we know Liz is voting for Obama. Fashion Week Lesson #6: Try, try, try to stop yourself from snatching the killer biker jackets and vests! Liz McLean's leather was so stunning we wished it was for Fall, as in, now. Phew. Now that my first time is over and done with, check back to see how my next show goes. --HAYLEY PHELAN

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