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First Look: Adam Lippes

A list of things we loved at Adam Lippes: 1. That it was held at the general theological seminary garden - who knew so much greenery and history existed just east of the West Side Highway? 2. That they served us vodka sodas - at 2 pm 3. That Snoop Dogg played while the models strode down the runway donning rasta-ish hats. 4. The gray skirt and blazer combo - totally reminds us of our high school years. (And we're pretty sure we don't have to make the most obvious TV reference ever right here...) 5. All the sheer whites and peekaboo crochet. Apparently, according to the shows we've seen so far, we better hit the gym- everything's been sheer, sheer, sheer. 6. The fuscias, yellows and bright blues - they totally brightened up our dreary day. 7. Watching Iekeliene leave in a very Iekeliene outfit - rainbow zig zag tights with a rainbow headband to match. --HAYLEY PHELAN

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