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First Look: Band of Outsiders (and Kirsten for Michelle)

Because of their Fall ad campaign, we were kind of hoping for some Michelle Williams action at the Band of Outsiders presentation, partly because of that adorable profile of her in the Times, but also because we really needed a pick-me-up after fighting with our cab driver about dropping us off on the closer side of the street since, you know, there was kind of a hurricane outside. But we digress - Once we made it up to the penthouse (which was quite a journey - it seems everybody decided to take shelter at the BOO presentation, and they'd only let fifteen people at a time on the elevator creating a crush like it was a U2 concert on the lobby floor) it was kind of like being in a really quiet, cute store. First, we were greeted by a huge projection of Kirsten Dunst on the walls, trying on the clothes and sometimes swinging it around. The rest of the collection was in person, strewn around, so you could touch, ogle and maybe even try things on if you were feeling brazen, which was nice - the sweaters were soft, the tops were cute, and we especially liked the backlit white blocks to really show the sheerness of the shirts. Now if only we hadn't been sopping wet, we might have actually tried to snag that tight mini - so random yet so right.

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