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First Look: BCBG

When we took our seat at the BCBG show this morning, the first thing we heard was a PR girl mumbling into her headset, "Anna wants to start. Now." Anna took her sunglasses off, and the lights dimmed exactly one minute later. The clothes? Pretty, floaty, mostly muted colors - exactly what you might expect at a BCBG show. Of note: It was the first time we saw new Lancome face Arlenis walk a runway - and she was a natural. Also of note: Irina K seems to have adopted Karlie Kloss' death drag, which brought the show to a screeching halt since it took her a few dozen seconds to round the corner at the end of the runway. She did, however, look kind of amazing doing it. We see most of these looks on any starlette looking to perfect that "I'm naturally lithe and glowing" look on a red carpet somewhere in LA - or just on Shopbop...

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